You may have seen this imposing building during your travels in the Great Haseley area of Oxfordshire. Sadly, it has fallen into neglect and the years have taken their toll. A major restoration project is now underway, aiming to return this historic building to its former glory. Follow the progress of the restoration in our blog....

The Restoration Team

Sunday, 21 April 2013


How time flies. So, after a few months of inactivity, we are all hands to the pumps again. The fan has been finished, and its staging has been trial fitted to the cap.
Rear of cap, with fan booms fitted and doorway made. Beginnings of fan gearing supports also visible.

The fan, 12 feet in diameter, with associated ironwork.

The next major task is to take down the cap, and reassemble it next to the mill. It can then be weather-boarded and lifted onto the mill. For a previous project at Wheatley windmill, the cap was completed at the workshop and transported as a whole unit to the mill. However, the Great Haseley cap is significantly larger, so this was not viable.

Meanwhile, another crucial piece of the cap, the finial, has been made by David Field

Making the GRP finial
 This will sit atop the wooden base portion of the finial (into which the cap ribs are located), the fit between the two having been designed to provide weatherproofing at this vulnerable part of the mill.

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