You may have seen this imposing building during your travels in the Great Haseley area of Oxfordshire. Sadly, it has fallen into neglect and the years have taken their toll. A major restoration project is now underway, aiming to return this historic building to its former glory. Follow the progress of the restoration in our blog....

The Restoration Team

Monday, 16 May 2016

National Mills Weekend

Thanks to all those who visited the mill on Saturday 14th May 2016, we hope you found it interesting. Luckily, there was just enough wind to power the sails for a short while.


  1. Video I did of the windmill

  2. I’ve been driving past the windmill twice a week, for the last 10 years, between Chesham (my home) and Cowley (where I work).

    I always hoped it would be restored and when I saw the work starting, I was so pleased and I looked forward to driving past it to see how it evolved.

    What an amazing thing you’ve done to bring this beauty back to life.

    It’s always been so iconic and beautiful to me. I always take an extra second to glance at it and the amazing landscape it sits on. I thought I’d seen it in its best light until last Wednesday 15th February, when I was lucky enough to witness a full rainbow stretching over it. Wow!

    Thank you for making me smile.

    Elaine Ballard

    1. Thanks Elaine. Nice to hear that the mill is spreading joy!