You may have seen this imposing building during your travels in the Great Haseley area of Oxfordshire. Sadly, it has fallen into neglect and the years have taken their toll. A major restoration project is now underway, aiming to return this historic building to its former glory. Follow the progress of the restoration in our blog....

The Restoration Team

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Curb complete!

Over the last few days we have been finishing off the curb and fixing it into position. Here are a few photos showing the developments..... 

The curb, with metal track let-in. This acts as a 'ball-race' for the rollers which will allow the cap to rotate into wind. The large nut just inside the track is for one of the holding down bolts. Inboard is the guide ring, which, er, guides, the cap as it rotates around the curb.

Under the curb, showing a holding down bolt concreted into the masonry. The curb is temporarily propped up, to be lowered later, sliding down these bolts. This method allowed us to tighten the various bolts/nuts holding the curb and guide ring sections together, prior to these being 'lost' under the curb when it was lowered.

Ready to be lowered

Lowering on three chain hoists simultaneously, onto a bed of mortar. Note the lack of overalls due to working in the 'greenhouse' section of the scaffold, in 25 degrees heat.

Level and position checked, the curb in its final (we hope!) position.

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